Once Upon A Wild Wood

St kitts, Nevis Luton Carnival Group bring to life

‘Once Upon A Wild Wood’

by Hughbon Condor of High Esteem Carnival Designs

On display at The Mall, Luton, 20th July - 16th August

Free fairytale inspired children's costume making activity coming soon!

This costume design was inspired by Hughbon’s Grandson, Ethan, age 7, based on his interpretation of Chris Riddell story ‘Once upon a Wild Wood’.

Check out this exclusive interview with Hughbon to find out more.

Little Yellow Compass

Early one morning Little Yellow Compass set off through the woods. He had a bright compass, sticky plasters and long bandages. He also had an invitation to a party at Rapunzel’s tower. Along the sunny path he met the kind

Gingerbread Man and Brilliant Little Red Riding Hood

(who were going to the party too).

Eventually Little Yellow came across a Castle. A raging beast jumped out from the rose bush. “Have you seen Beauty?’ ‘no, no’ exclaimed Little Yellow. The beast’s eyes filled with tears! ‘I’ve been to a party at Rapunzel’s Tower and wanted her to come. ‘Cried the beast Little Yellow jumped, skipped and hopped through the woods. Large clouds loomed.

The woods grew dark and the wind howled.

Yawning Little Yellow sat down at the foot of a beanstalk. ‘Oi don’t sit on me I’m an enchanted castanet’ an enchanted an enchanted castanet squealed. It began to rain ‘drip! Drop! Drip! The rain got harder ‘splish! Splash! Splosh! Quick it could get bashed out of your hand’ (its not heavy if you post it on a lighting stone nothing would happen) So they beamed into a cave to sleep in.

The next day they were woken by three wood oops – peckers ‘if my chair has been smashed there’s trouble coming’. The biggest woodpecker thrashed if my bed has been cracked we have a problem blasted

the middle woodpecker!

If my nuts have been eaten I’m gonna go nuts! Growled smallest woodpecker angrily. Little yellow leapt out of bed and ran as fast as he could out of the cave. Time flew by and he got to Rapunzel’s tower a long blonde plat

tumbled down the window little yellow climbed up, up, up into the tower.

Rapunzel’s tower was fun! Everybody laughed, everybody sang and everybody danced except the sad forlorn beast until the last guest arrived.

Written by Ethan Aldred (Age 7)

Downsview Primary School, London


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