Christmas sparkle snowflakes!

After a really hard year, lets all bring joy to Christmas with some home made Christmas sparkle using recycled materials.

You can make these beautiful snowflakes at school or at home together as a family, and display them in your window to make everyone smile!

You will need

  • The cardboard inner part of a toilet roll

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Glitter (any colour you choose!)

  • Stick on gems or sequins

  • Bead garland - you can buy these cheaply online, in stores, or even find them in charity shops

Step 1 - make your snowflake pieces

First you need to take your 3 toilet rolls and press them flat - like in the picture. Next measure 1cm spaces across each toilet roll and draw on lines. You can then cut them into lots of petal shaped pieces - they will look like petals because you have squashed the toilet roll flat.

Step 2 - Arrange the pieces into a pattern

Take 5 of your toilet roll petals and arrange them into a flower pattern, like in the picture below. Stick them together. Next fold 5 more into a heart shape and stick them to your flower. Carry on and get creative! You can add petals which are squeezed really tight together, or leave them wide to vary the pattern. You can go as big or small with your snowflake as you like.

Step 3 - decorate your snowflake

Once you are happy with your design, it is time to get sparkly! Put your snowflake on a piece of paper or something you can shake off later, and add glue to parts of it where you want to show some glitter sparkle. Then shake on some glitter and once it has dried, shake off the snowflake to remove any extra glitter which has not stuck on.

You can then glue on beads from a bead garland, or stick on gems or sequins - anything you like to give it that extra wintery feel. That's it! Your beautiful frozen snowflake is ready to display in your window or on your Christmas tree.

You could also add a ribbon to the top of your snowflake and hang it from a door handle, your tree or ceiling.

Tip: why not make smaller versions and use them as a nice addition to your Christmas wrapping on top of a present you are giving a family member or friend?

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