Our Vision is to see Carnival universally valued as a leader in artistic excellence and inclusive cultural expression




Our Mission is to achieve our Vision by:


  • Championing high quality art that is ambitious, challenging and innovative

  • Connecting, inspiring and strengthening the Carnival arts sector across the UK

  • Uniting, supporting, developing and sustaining the cultural and artistic offer of Luton




We will accomplish this by always working towards



To build a more inclusive Carnival arts sector, positioning UK Carnival arts as leading the world in quality and inclusivity


Artistic Innovation:

To support the element of risk and innovation in making excellent art, celebrating ambition and the creative process, as well as the finished product


Heritage and Tradition:

To celebrate, promote and sustain traditional Carnival arts skills and the diverse heritage of Carnival across the UK


Strengthening the Sector:

To embed a culture of philanthropy, fundraising and sustainability in the organisation and to share that learning to strengthen the wider sector



Through developing strategic partnerships across the Carnival sector, and between Carnival and other cultural sectors, strengthen and up-skill Carnival arts in the UK


Audiences & Participants:

To engage and excite diverse audiences and participants