What does Black History mean to you?

Here at UKCCA we work with a lot of the local Luton schools to encourage participation in carnival arts, via workshops, carnival group participation and the sharing of art and learning activities.

Since we cannot see the children in person so easily at the moment for group workshops, we instead invited the schools to celebrate Black History month by exploring the theme "What does Black History mean to you".

We asked them to submit drawings, poems or photos that we could include in a piece of Carnival art which we can display here at the centre. We have had some lovely submissions so far from the students at Pirton Primary School, but we would like more! If you would like to take part please email your creations to us at carnivaladmin@carnivalarts.org.uk. Thanks to Jayden Childs, Ridley age 7, Jayden Childs-Ridley age 7, Sophia Benjamin Age 6, Kaniyah Akers age 5 & Kaleb Akers age 4 for their wonderful creations.


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