Make a carnival celebration poppy out of recycled materials

With the 75th Anniversary of VE Day fast approaching, we thought you might like to make this poppy design to go with your VE Day Carnival Celebration Hats.

Poppies are used as a symbol of remembrance and peace.

These beautiful poppies are made entirely from recycled materials you can find at home, plus a little extra bling! You can turn them into badges, add them to your celebration hats, or make big versions to put into your window on VE Day 75.

What you need

* Plastic bottles or cardboard

* a bottle top or button for the centre

* Glue

* Scissors

* Pencil

* Black pen or marker * Sequin ribbon, or glitter if you want to decorate your poppy

You can make your poppy from any materials like plastic or card. The examples we show here in the photo are from green and red plastic containers, and green and red cardboard... but if you don't have these colours you can colour or paint any card or plastic you have like cereal boxes. If you don't have a black bottle top you can also paint that, or cover it in black tape like in the example below. Just get creative!

Create your poppy design

It might help you to draw a poppy first, so you can think about the pieces you want to cut out of your recycled materials.

Once you have an idea of the petal shape, cut out your petals - you will need between 4 and 6 for each poppy (it is up to you!). Once you have cut out your shapes - and painted them if you need to - you can draw lines on them in black marker pen like in the picture below.

For the leaf, you need to cut out your design in card or plastic, and paint it green if you need to. If you don't have a black bottle top or button, try to paint one that you do have. Or you can cut out and colour a round piece of card black.

Putting your poppy together

It is a good idea to cut out a circular base of card like in the example below, to which you can then stick your leaf and petals to to form your poppy.

Stick your leaf to the back of the circle, and then each poppy petal in turn on top. Finally stick your bottle top to the middle.

If you are using recycled plastic a glue gun might work better. Leave to dry before decorating.

For both plastic and card, you can create a bit of shape to the poppy by pinching the petals in half to fold them slightly.

Decorate your poppy

If you have any glitter, or sequins, or jewelled ribbon then you might also like to add a little celebratory sparkle to your poppy.

Turn your poppy into a badge

If you have an old badge lying around, or even a safety pin, you can turn your poppy into a badge that you can wear very easily by sticking the pin to the back. Here we used tape. Then you can wear your poppy along with your VE Day Carnival Celebration Hat!

Another idea: why not create a really big poppy from card or paper and put it up in your window on the 8th May?

If you would like to learn more about VE Day there are some useful resources for children here.

Please share your poppies with us on social media - we would love to see them!


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