Carnival mask colouring sheets

During the coronavirus lockdown, many of us with children are having to juggle home schooling with work. Even if we don't have to juggle working at home, it is really tricky to keep the children entertained for a long time when you cannot go out and visit the park or friends.

So how can we keep children entertained? There are a lot of different options, but here at UKCCA we wanted to provide some resources which you can use to encourage creativity, and which we think will be fun for younger children (and older ones too!).

Get creative

This particular activity is a set of colouring downloads which you can print out and get creative with. One of our resident artists has created some different carnival mask outlines for you to colour in or stick materials to.

Ideas for decorating your masks

  • Colour the mask in - you can make patterns on them with crayon, felt tip or paint

  • Get out your glue and use feathers and glitter to get really creative if you have them

  • No glitter in the house? How about cutting up colours and patterns from an old magazine or newspaper and sticking them on to make an amazing design.

  • If you have fabric material at home you could make patterns on your masks using shapes of fabric

  • No fabric? How about trying to decorate your mask using recycled materials like old bubble wrap, foil, cardboard or old birthday cards. Even pasta!

Simply click on the link below to download the PDF designs and get creative!

We would love to see what you make. Please take a photo, post on social media and tag us in it - and we will share it!

Instagram: @ukcca

Facebook: @UKCentreforCarnivalArts

Twitter: @carnivalukcca


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