Black Lives Matter

Statement from Hopeton J Walker,  Chair UKCCA

The very casual modern day lynching of George Floyd seemed more at home in an 18th century sugar plantation than the 21st century in the heart of a modern democracy. It is sad that so little has changed in the perceived value of a black life after more than 400 years. 

We need to redouble our efforts and continue to work to eradicate racism wherever it rears its ugly head

Whether it is overt and brutal as witnessed over many years in the USA, subtle but direct such as the contents of our schools' curriculum or simply the faceless and unconscious bias practised in everyday life by a huge and silent majority.

It is no longer enough to say “I'm anti racist", it must be our practice day to day. We all need to play a very active and positive part in confronting and challenging the

attitudes and systems that stifle aspirations, blight ambitions, take lives and which have taken us to where we are.

The global pandemic has given us all an opportunity to pause and reflect on the world we live in, and how we move forward. In embracing a post pandemic “New Normal”,  we have to challenge racism in all areas of our daily life in order to make a change.

Saying nothing is no longer an option.


We also wanted to share Darren Henley - CEO of Art Council England's blog on the Black Lives Matter movement, and diversity within the arts and culture sector in England.  Click to read.


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