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Register by 16th July 2021 & receive FREE workshops & materials!


The Meads Primary School, Luton.

The UK Centre for Carnival Arts, in partnership with carnival organisations and artists around the country, have put together unique packages of activities for schools for the new National Children's Carnival Week - 12th – 18th July 2021. This celebration of Carnival will help bring back the magic of learning after such a challenging year.
The theme for National Children's Carnival Week is "Once Upon a Time", which will spark children's imagination by creating costumes and props that tell stories. Accompanied by dance and music, children will develop an in-school celebration that will provide uplifting experiences and enable children to reconnect through creativity.


 UKCCA offers a limited number of Luton schools each, £1000 worth of workshops and materials, when registered by the 16th July 2021. Delivery of workshops is optional for the summer term, any summer holiday programmes and the autumn term 2021.

We will work with you to create a bespoke programme of activities and workshops for a day project or a comprehensive project lasting several days. The programme can complement current project themes and teaching plans. 


National Children's Carnival Week - 12th – 18th July 2021

There are many ways you can mark National Children's Carnival Week. As a celebration of the end of your summer term Carnival project, a special day-long celebration or as a launch to your project that you will be doing in the autumn term, speak with us and we will help you plan what is best for your school. 


That week, we would love to share what your school has been doing on our social media channels and website for all the community to see. Please send images and videos to


Self-lead Resources

Headdresses, Collars and Decorations 

We have a range of free step-by-step instructions for making carnival headdresses, collars and decorations, which can be used in the classroom before a costume workshop with our carnival artists or as part of your self-lead project. All our self-lead activities are designed for paper and card construction making it an affordable and accessible activity. Our programme will cover the costs and take care of the sourcing of specialist materials used in artist lead workshops and/or bespoke projects. 



We have many activities in development, so please feel free to contact us to find out about our upcoming resources or to discuss designing a bespoke resource for your project.

Carnival Education Packs

We have education packs consisting of a PowerPoint presentation, class activity resources and teachers notes, which can be used before a workshop with our carnival artists or as part of your self-lead project.


Currently, we have available upon request:

  • 45 years of Luton Carnival - Find out how Carnival is celebrated worldwide and how the influence of Caribbean Carnival culture has shaped Luton Carnival for the past 45 years.

  • Windrush – Find out about the history of the Windrush generation in Luton and how they helped shape Luton Carnival as we now know it.

  • Carnival Music – Find out about the different genres of music in Carnival, explore their history and cultural influences.

  • Eid – celebrate Eid with Wo Raasta, an organisation part of our Luton Carnival family, exploring Islamic culture through the arts.

Artist Lead Workshops

Costume – Students will put together the costumes they made in class and have the opportunity to try on professional costumes that have featured in Luton Carnival. Students will also learn the basics of carnival performance and get to try out their costumes and performance skills to music. This workshop will create fantastic photo and video opportunities and give students the chance to practice for your in-school carnival parade. 

Music – Students will have the opportunity to try out professional Steelpans and learn to play as a band. Steelpans and all equipment are included in this workshop.


Dance – Students will learn a dance routine and will have the opportunity to try it out in the costumes they made in class and professional costumes that have featured in Luton Carnival 

All our workshops are delivered in the safest way possible, and our artists have a rapid COVID test before attending your school.

Story Telling – recommended for KS1, explore Caribbean folk stories with our storyteller and magical fairy tale carnival costume. 

Eid – celebrate Eid with our fantastic new workshop in partnership with Wo Rassta, an organisation part of our Luton Carnival Family, exploring Islamic culture through the arts.


CPD Training

We are offering bespoke CPD training with the options of 

  • Costume design and construction

  • Carnival culture and Luton Carnival history

  • Carnival arts education best practice

  • How to embed Arts Award and Arts Mark

Arts Award and Arts Mark

You may wish for your Carnival celebrations to contribute to your existing Arts Awards programme or Arts Mark activities. If you have been thinking about starting Arts Awards, we can support you in piloting the Discover level with your Carnival activities and develop for the next academic year. 


We have Carnival Discover Level packs available upon request for Carnival CultureMusic and Costume.


Planning, delivery and moderation support from our in-house Arts Award Adviser is available as part of the £1000 support offer; however, the £4 per student Arts Award moderation fee is an additional cost. 



Our online resources are FREE for you to use at any time. We are offering 20 Luton Schools each FREE workshops and support to the value of £1000. 


The Steelpan workshop we are subsidising as part of the programme, but we do have to charge a supplement of £200 for a full day to your school. We can advise on an individual basis any other additional costs for your bespoke programme.


Arts Mark and Arts Award support and administration are included in our offer. However, the Arts Award moderation fee of £4 per student will be charged to your school. 


How to register

Step 1 - Return the completed booking form via Do not worry If you have questions about what is possible for your school or are unsure of the details at this point. 


Step 2 - We will arrange a phone call or Zoom meeting with you to discuss ideas, planning and dates, and produce a delivery plan.


Step 3 – We will confirm your booking and send you a Booking Agreement Form and image consent forms for you to sign. Once returned, we will send you all the resources you will need, and we will book the artists and order the materials.


For more information, please contact Clary Salandy, Creative Director at the UKCCA via or phone 07824774123.