VE Day 75th Anniversary

This year, Luton International Carnival is a major part of Luton's celebrations of VE Day 75th Anniversary with the theme of 'Give Peace A Chance'. So what is VE Day? VE Day stands for 'Victory in Europe Day'. It marks the day that fighting against Nazi Germany during World War Two ended.

Almost 75 years ago on 8 May 1945, the UK Prime Minister of the time, Winston Churchill announced via the radio that the war was over as Germany had surrendered.

The war had lasted almost six years and had a devastating effect worldwide. Millions of people had lost their lives, and many more had suffered - homes were destroyed, families were separated and daily life had changed for everyone.

People were understandably extremely happy it was over, and that peace had finally come. There was a period of rejoicing where huge crowds gathered in the streets, celebrating victory with dancing, street parties and singing. Bunting was hung around the streets and villages, and the 8th May was declared a public holiday.

Luton International Carnival represents all people around the world and is a celebration of spectacular costumes, unity, music and children, so it is fitting that the spectacular joins with traditional VE Day celebrations this year on Friday 8th May 2020.


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