Update: Luton International Carnival 2020

At UKCCA we have been closely monitoring the impact of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

It has become obvious over the last few weeks that the Luton International Carnival in May 2020 will not be able to take place due to the continued lockdown, the banning of public gatherings and the fact that emergency services are needed elsewhere.

Although at first we had hoped to reschedule the event later in the year, it is becoming apparent that this may be challenging in light of the uncertainty surrounding the virus, and the continued strain on public resources. We are disappointed to have to announce that Luton’s Carnival for 2020 is cancelled.

We hope that we can all look forward as a community to 2021 and make the carnival bigger and better than ever before to celebrate the end of this difficult time, and the beginning of a brighter future. Preparations were well on the way for the delivery of a very special VE75 carnival celebration and several groups continue to work from home on costume and float decorations towards their creations for the next carnival.

As an arts institution we would like to assure you of our continued commitment to uniting, supporting and developing the arts sector within Luton, and all across the UK.

We are busy working on ideas for online workshops, downloadable activities for children and a range of other initiatives that everyone can enjoy while staying at home. This is a unique opportunity to use your time, growing your imagination, exploring creative ideas and developing your talents.

Please do stay connected to us via our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we will make further announcements and link to arts based activities we are providing over the coming months.

We thank you for your continued support, and hope you all stay safe using this time to find ways to generate laughter and fun as we look for avenues to experience the joyous spirit of carnival from our homes.

Hopeton Walker Chairman

https://www.carnivalarts.org.uk/ | info@carnivalarts.org.uk

London and UK Flag Costumes Carnival


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