St Pauls Carnival celebrates National Children's Carnival Week

St Paul's Carnival visited local primary schools in their area, to share the history of carnival and allow the children to design and create their own costumes, and practice carnival dance routines.

Cotham Gardens Primary School

Children said it was the best day they had ever had at school! One child said "I love all the outfits, the dancing and the music".

Sefton Park Primary School

St Pauls Carnival takes the music, stories and history of traditional Carnival to Sefton Park Primary, Bristol.

Sefton Park Primary School

It was FUN! They had the chance to practice carnival beats with drums, maracas and other instruments. "You have to get the right beat, to get the sound of the carnival feel!" on child said.

Cabot Primary School

A LOT of fun was had!

Werburghs Primary School

An incredible workshop of all things Carnival!


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