Make a VE Day Carnival celebration hat from paper

VE Day stands for 'Victory in Europe Day'. It marks the day that fighting against Nazi Germany during World War Two ended.

This year is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day and was going to be a day full of celebrating peace with carnival and street parties all across Luton and the UK. Due to the lockdown this is not possible. We can mark the occasion in our own way.

Here is a pattern for a hat you can make from paper. It is based on the side cap that our soldiers wore during that period.

What you need:

* 3 A4 sheets of paper of the same colour for the hat - 80gsm thickness or above will work best

* Glue or tape

* Scissors

* A pencil

* Materials for decorating your hat if you wish - you could cut out poppy shapes and doves to commemorate peace and remember those lost in the war. You could also use glitter, paint or any other materials you can find to decorate your hat.

Step 1 - cut out the pieces you need

You only need three pieces of paper for this design, which you can see below. We have created templates you can download here (just click on the links below to download), but if you don't have a printer just copy out the shapes yourself onto A4 paper. You might want to use a ruler for all the lines on the centre piece!

Shape 1 VE Day Hat
Download PDF • 108KB

Centre Piece VE Day Hat
Download PDF • 338KB

Shape 2 VE Day Hat
Download PDF • 140KB

Cut along the outside edge of all 3 shapes. Do not cut along the dotted lines as you will need to fold along the dotted lines.

Make little cuts on the short lines on the outside edge of the centre piece then fold these bits up along the dotted lines. Next fold along the dotted line in the middle of the centre piece.

For the side shapes, fold along the dotted line shown at the end of each shape. Place the shapes side by side as in the picture with the centre piece in the middle.

Step 2 - glue your hat together

Now you have your cut out and folded shapes, you can glue them together to make your finished hat.

First take shape 1, on the left and add glue to the curved edge, then starting from the fold line stick it to the folded up edges on the centre piece. It is glued on the inside - see the picture below.

Then repeat again for the opposite side, this time glue along the curved edge of shape 2 and on the little fold on shape 1.

Start by sticking shape 2 to the little fold on the top edge of shape 1, then curve it around the edge of the centre piece - see how in the picture below.

When you get to the end add glue to the fold at the end of shape 2 on the outside edge and stick the edge of shape I to the fold to complete your hat.

Once you have glued it all together, your finished hat should look something like the pictures below.

Step 3 - decorate your hat!

You may wish to leave your side cap as it is, but if you like, you can decorate it with poppy shapes, doves, glitter - anything you like! Here are some examples which the children in the Luton Mall workshop made.

Click on the PDF files below to download templates for the dove and poppy shapes.

Doves Template for VE Day Hat
Download PDF • 59KB

Poppies Template for VE Day Hat
Download PDF • 79KB

We would love to see your finished hats, so please do send them to us or share them on social media and tag us in!

You can also check out our design for making remembrance poppies from recycled materials - click here.


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