Carnival headpieces to make at home

We wanted to share some easy designs that you can follow on youtube for Carnival headpieces. The designs use paper, cardboard, glue and material but you can adapt them to use whatever you have at home.

The first is a DIY ocean theme headdress. For this the vlogger used a standard alice band, satin material, sequins and jewels and even a Christmas decoration! Some of these items can be ordered online, but if you don't want to buy new items why not see if you can adapt the design to include items you already have? Old costume jewellery, bits of fabric or old clothing, tinsel and even silver foil can all be used to decorate your headdress.

The second headpiece is made simply from coloured pieces of paper and card, and uses origami to create the design. You can pause the video at each stage to follow the series of folds. If you don't have coloured paper you can order packs of it online, or just create the pieces you need from old wrapping paper, newspaper or magazines.

We hope you enjoy making these and we would love to see your designs! Please post them on social media and tag us in your post.

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