Activities for children during coronavirus lock down

It has been a tough few weeks of lock down, where schools have been shut and we have all been stuck at home. We have put together a list of some creative activities for children during this time.

If these work for you and your children will depend on their age and preferences, and also what materials you can find at home, but hopefully there is something for everyone here. Anything to entice them away from their screens and gaming devices, even if just for a short while!

Carnival creativity

We found this is a great DIY carnival mask creation activity, if you have the materials. Simple but effective!

Encouraging reading through art

Do you want to encourage your children to do a bit more reading, especially during term time? Why not get them to create their own cute bookmark first. We thought these ones were a really simple idea, but really cute and they don't involve a lot of materials that you might not have to hand.

Colouring and sticking

Printing out colouring sheets is always a good way to use up some time. We have created some carnival mask colouring sheets here, but you can also find more great print outs online via google.

If you have old magazines and newspapers lying around you could challenge your children to create a collage by cutting out words, images and blocks of colour from magazines. They could do really tiny pieces and make a Roman mosaic! Or cut out colours and decorate our carnival mask outlines instead of colouring them in.

Get them moving!

Being stuck indoors it is easy to stay still and look at screens, or choose activities which don't involve a lot of moving around. But it is good to exercise and get the blood moving! How about these ideas?

  • Dancing their socks off! You could choose a song and ask them to make up a dance to it. Or they could practice their carnival parade moves!

  • Musical statues - crank up your favourite sounds and play this old favourite party game.

  • Youtube videos - Joe Wicks is doing a daily PE class live at 9am during the week, and Oti Mabuse is uploading dance classes suitable for kids onto her youtube channel daily at the moment.

If you have any ideas on keeping children occupied during the lockdown, we would love to hear them. Also, please load up to social media and tag us in any of your carnival crafting activities. We would love to see them!


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